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Sideshow Tattoo and Piercing is a premier piercing and tattoo shop located in San Diego, CA. The shop is known for its exceptional customer service, top-notch piercing techniques, and a broad selection of jewelry for all types of piercings.

Sideshow Tattoo and Piercing’s team of professional piercers has years of experience, and they use only the highest quality materials and sterilization methods to ensure that every piercing is safe, hygienic, and done with precision. Their team is dedicated to providing a comfortable and personalized experience for each of their clients, from the initial consultation to the aftercare instructions.

One of the things that set Sideshow Tattoo and Piercing apart from other piercing shops is their extensive selection of jewelry. They offer a wide range of jewelry options for all types of piercings, including studs, hoops, barbells, and more. They also offer a variety of materials, including gold, silver, titanium, and more, to suit each client’s unique taste and budget.

The shop’s ambiance is cozy and welcoming, with a laid-back atmosphere that makes clients feel comfortable and relaxed. The piercers take the time to listen to each client’s needs and preferences, ensuring that they receive the best possible advice and recommendations for their piercing.

In addition to piercings, Sideshow Tattoo and Piercing also offers tattoo services. Their tattoo artists are experienced and skilled in a wide range of styles, including traditional, black and grey, and color tattoos. They work closely with their clients to design custom tattoos that are unique and personal, ensuring that each tattoo is a work of art.

Sideshow Tattoo and Piercing also offers online shopping for their clients’ convenience. Their website is easy to navigate, and clients can browse their selection of jewelry and aftercare products from the comfort of their own homes.

Overall, Sideshow Tattoo and Piercing is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a professional and personalized piercing experience in San Diego, CA. With their commitment to customer satisfaction, extensive selection of jewelry, and talented team of piercers and tattoo artists, they are a trusted and reliable choice for all your piercing and tattoo needs.

Sideshow Tattoo and Piercing
1062 Garnet Avenue, San Diego, CA 92109
(858) 274-8282

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